A brief presentation of the University Center Ali Kafi Tindouf

Origin and Development
The background:
The University Center Ali Kafi Tindouf (CUT.) was established by the Executive
Decree No. 303/11 of the 22 nd
Ramadan 1432, corresponding to August 22, 2011.

The University Center Tindouf started in the academic year 2012 – 2013 because
in the previous academic year 2011 – 2012 the students were not enrolled as the latter
did not register in the major branches opened in the two institutes at that time:
– Institute of Economic Sciences, Management and Commercial Sciences
– The Institute of Arabic Languages and Literature
The CUT was the first university institution where the higher education and scientific
research sector was launched, in the academic year 2012/2013 in the area of Tindouf.
Learning has been boosting since then in these two institutes; the pace of
development has enhanced and encouraged the university center to open additional
number of institutes, fields and specializations in the following successive years:
2013, enrolment in Economic Sciences (Management Sciences) –
2014, enrolment in Law and Political Sciences –
2015, enrolment in Earth and Universe Sciences –
2016, enrolment in Mathematics and Informatics –
2017, enrolment in Arabic Language and Literature –
The number of students has evolved over the years on with an ascending rate as
– 2012/2013 : the number of students was 352 students
– 2013/2014 : …… 542 students
– 2014/2015: …… 621 students


– 2015/2016: …… 895 students
– 2016/2017: …… 1240 students
– 2017/2018: …… 1215 students
– 2018/2019 : …… 1234 students
– 2019/2020: …… 1257 students
– 2020/2021: …… 1249 students
– 2021/2022: …… 1272 students
– 2022/2023: …… 1285 students
As for students’ supervision, the number of students that has reached 1285, who are
considered as registered students in the current year, are supervised by 67 permanent
teachers in the academic year 2022/2023. Moreover, the CUT employs 94
administrative and technical assistants and 65 provisionary workers.
The University Center Ali Kafi Tindouf consists of 2000 pedagogical seats:
as the first part of which (1000 pedagogical seats) is exploited and is in use, and it
comprises two auditoriums,
one auditorium has a capacity of 300 seats, and the other is with a capacity of 200,
in addition to 12 classrooms with a total capacity of 500 seats, beside to 10
laboratories and a library with a capacity of about 1000 seats.
As for the second part, which was handed over during the academic year
2017/2018, it includes
two auditoriums, one with a capacity of 350 seats, and the other with 200 seats,
in addition to 12 classrooms with a total capacity of 500 seats,10 laboratories and a
library with a capacity of about 1000 seats.
Moreover, there is a University Residential Service that consists of Students
Residence with a capacity of 500 beds and 40 houses for University Teacher

Presentation of the institution:
Pursuant to Executive Decree No. 303/11 of August 22, 2011, the University
Center Ali Kafi Tindouf is a public.
Institution of a scientific, cultural and professional character, with independence in
Personality, Moral character and financial management.

Geographical Location of the CUT:
The University Center Ali Kafi Tindouf is located in the town of Tindouf, in the
wilaya of Tindouf which is one of the provinces created within the regional division
of the country in the year 1984, it is located in the southwest of
The country, about 1850 km from the capital Algiers.
The population in Tindouf is about 90,000 inhabitants. Tindouf shares a border strip
with the Kingdom of Morocco, with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and with the
Sahrawi Republic, as it extends over an area estimated at 159,000 km2. Hence, the
four borders of Tindouf are:
The Province of Adrar from the east –
– The Province of Bechar From the north,
– The Kingdom of Morocco From the west
The state of the Sahrawi Republic and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania from
the south –
The University Center Ali Kafi is located on the southern side of the wilaya on
National Road No. 50, linking Tindouf to Bechar. There are a number of touristic
sites in the Province of Tindouf, such as the Tafqoum area, which is an oasis and a
natural lake, as well as the Marcala area and the Amal al-Tababah area, which has
biodiversity of plants and birds, and there are significant monuments in Minya, Dar
al-Douairiyya and Dar al-Dimani.
As for event celebration, there are two major events that are hosted in the Tindouf.
One of these two events is Jakan El-Abro, which is a demonstration that attracts
guests from outside the country, especially Africa (Mauritania, Mali, Niger). There is
also the season of Sayed Ahmed Al-Raguibi, which is celebrated in Tindouf every
year, attracting guests from inside and outside the country.
In this context, the University Center Ali Kafi Tindouf, in coordination with the
organizers of the ceremonies of these events, programmes national and international
forums, as part of its cultural and scientific activities on every occasion; besides to
some scientific demonstrations held at the University Center Ali Kaf Tindouf.